BACTIBASE is an integrated open-access database designed for the characterization of bacterial antimicrobial peptides, commonly known as bacteriocins. The database hosts various tools for sequence analysis, such as homology search, multiple sequence alignments, Hidden Markov Models, molecular modeling and retrieval through ‘Taxonomy Browser’. For further details readers are invited to read the following papers (Hammami, et al., 2007; 2010) or visit


Plants produce small cysteine-rich antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) as an innate defense against pathogens such as α-defensins, thionins, lipid transfer proteins (LTPs), cyclotides, snakins and hevein-like. PhytAMP is a database dedicated to these plant AMPs (Hammami, et al., 2009). A set of tools were provided for sequence analysis including and not limited to homology search, sequence alignments, structure prediction and hidden Markov models. PhytAMP may be accessed free of charge at


SciDBMaker is stand-alone software that allows the extraction of protein data from the Swiss-Prot database, sequence analysis comprising physicochemical profile calculations, homologous sequences search, multiple sequence alignments and the building of new and more specialized databases. It compiles information with relative ease, updates and compares various data relevant to a given protein family and could solve the problem of dispersed biological search results. (Visit website)


An increasing number of bioactive peptides from dairy proteins are identified and characterized. MilkAMP database contains valuable information on antimicrobial dairy peptides, including microbiological and physicochemical data. MilkAMP is freely available at

Parse BlastXML Output using PHP

Provides a PHP5 class for handling Blast XML

Export from PubMed to Endnote

How can I import references from PubMed's website to EndNote database?

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